Imagine playing Pac-Man on a 32,000-square-foot screen

Credit: designboom

If you have the means to get to Sao Paulo, Brazil by next Sunday you could be in for one hell of a giant treat. That's because "Play!", the world's largest interactive arcade game — projected on the facade of the city's cultural center — has just been extended for an extra week.

"Play!" is an art exhibit put together by an international team of designers that encourages pedestrians to interact with and take notice of their surroundings by way of video game classics from the 1970s. The games on offer include Pac-man, Tetris and a unique version of Space Invaders, as well as a number of other titles.

Passersby are handed a pair of iPad controllers and encouraged to take a crack at playing while a gathering crowd cheers them on. Check out their reactions in the video below. Or get to Sao Paulo ASAP and try "Play!" for yourself.

EuroNews, via designboom

(Thanks, Marie)

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