Google Glass gets a sleeker, Japanese competitor

Google Glass is currently the darling of the emerging wearable tech world, as thousands recently "applied" for the right to be able to buy the $1,500 device. But another device designed to put an always-on computer in front of your eyes offers a different approach with a similar form factor.

Created by a consortium of Japanese firms, the Telepathy One is a headset that looks like a more streamlined version of Google Glass without the tiny display or side-mounted interface controls. Instead of a tiny glass display, the Telepathy One uses a micro-projection unit that is controlled wirelessly via your smartphone or tablet device.

Also, instead of bone conducting sound, the device appears to use direct, in-ear speakers to provide audio. No pricing or release date have been set but, according to the company, the device will retail for a lower price than Google Glass.

However, the strength of Google Glass is in its suite of cloud-based services such as voice search and maps, so it remains to be seen if the Telepathy One will offer anything remotely as effective when it comes to software. Addressing those concerns, company CEO Takahito Iguchi told the Nikkei,"The device was recently demonstrated at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, and the users appear to be pretty impressed. You can see a few conference attendees testing out the Telepathy One in the video below.

Via Nikkei

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