What constantly texting probably says about you

Here’s some news you probably figured out if you’ve good bit of life experience under the old belt: folks who send more than 100 texts a day tend to be more shallow than those who don’t. In this study, shallowness is defined as being more interested in wealth and image than in being generally ethical.

Researchers with the University of Winnipeg looked at 2,300 first-year psychology students, finding that those texting more than 100 times a day felt 30 percent less likely to have strong feelings about living an “ethical, principled life” than those who texted half as much.

With apps out there like TigerText, this doesn’t seem like shocking news.

The heavy texters also appeared to be more prejudiced. The researchers, who presented these findings at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in New Orleans, think this is because spending all day with your nose in your phone makes you “significantly less reflective.”

The scary part though (because, I promise, we haven’t reached that yet) is that of the 2,300 students who were texted, 30 percent claimed to text more than 200 times a day.

Who even has that much to say?

Via CBC News

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