Netflix now more popular than any cable network

Remember that weird moment when Netflix played that super fantastic joke on all of us and split their streaming and DVD offerings? It even pretended like it was going to start a new company just for DVDs! In fact, 810,000 customers left after that.

As we all know, that wasn’t a joke. It was one of the most spectacular marketing debacles in recent memory. At the time, folks questioned if Netflix would make it. Well, Netflix has the last laugh (at least at this point in time). In the past three months, users have watched more than 4 billion hours of television on its streaming services.

This sounds like a whole lot, and it is. But context is key. This is more than people watched on any cable television network.

The 4 billion is a global number, but research firm BTIG did a little conversion for us. If 88 percent of subscribers are in the U.S., which is a reasonable 28.1 million people, that means your normal U.S. subscriber is watching 87 minutes a day.

That’s not an insane number if you consider the following. I’m sure someone in your office talked recently about watching all of House of Cards in a weekend. That’s about 13 hours right there.

With Arrested Development around the bend, I can only assume this number will grow.

Via Consumerist

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