Most people wouldn't buy a BlackBerry, ever

Credit: BlackBerry

Sure, some mystery "partner" bought one million BlackBerrys and made us all, for a moment, think that particular brand of smartphone might be making a comeback. But that may have been a little shortlived.

Here is a depressing Surveymonkey result (well, depressing if you have money invested in BlackBerry). The survey suggests 83 percent of folks didn’t know the BlackBerry 10 had launched.

Worse, though, is research firm Raymond James’ finding that 71.4 percent of consumers just simply wouldn’t buy a BlackBerry. Ever. I presume this doesn’t involve hostage situations in which buying a BlackBerry is the only way out, but these folks said “nothing could convince” them.

For comparison, 19.7 percent of folks said this about the iPhone and 31.3 percent said it about the Android.

The survey numbers aren't surprising. BlackBerry (and Windows Phone) have essentially failed to catch up to the lead iOS and Android took years ago. Both BlackBerry and Microsoft have interesting (if not different) approaches to how a mobile OS should look and feel, but unfortunately, that may not be enough anymore. Like they say: early bird gets the worm.

BGR, Via AllThingsD

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