Meet the Novo, the GoPro Hero3's smaller, cuter cousin

Credit: Novo

At first glance, the Novo appears to be nothing more than a GoPro Hero3 outfitted differently. But, there are some fundamental distinctions between the two cameras that make each one a compelling, standalone product.

So, while the GoPro has been championed by extreme sports fanatics who must rely on something sturdy and wieldy to capture stunts, its grainy picture quality doesn't appeal as much to folks who want a more elegant shot with less, uh, texture. For a skydiver or dirt biker, however, sharp cinematics might not be the first priority.

Enter the Novo, which has similar specs to the GoPro, but way more flexibility. There are several lens attachments and accessories that can dramatically enhance the quality of your footage. You can also select between auto or manual exposure, use an LCD touchscreen and the ports and Wi-Fi connecticity to download images.

The only downside seems to be that the Novo Camera is only available as a rental right now — daily rates are $295 and weekly rates will set you back $885, which is pretty steep. You can learn more at Radiant Images.

Radiant Images, via Freshness and Like Cool

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