Leap Motion hacked to control robotic arm and R/C boat

We're just about a month away from the retail launch of the Leap Motion gesture interface device and while existing videos of the device still amaze, the hacks just keep on coming.

The latest Leap Motion hack to catch our attention comes from developer Bryan Brown who recently posted two videos that show a couple of new ways the Leap Motion can be used. In one video, Brown demonstrates a hack involving a tiny OWI 535 robotic arm that he manages to control by manipulating the controls on his screen wirelessly via the Leap Motion device. Another experiment shows the developer driving a remote-controlled boat, also using the gesture interface device.

The software facilitating the interactions is called NuiLogix, a solution Brown calls a middleware app devoted to enhancing remote monitoring and control for devices. Both experiments are meant to offer examples of how the Leap Motion interface could be used in conjunction with NuiLogix as a means to control machines in hazardous conditions.

You can see both demonstrations in the videos below.

Via NewScientist

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