Gamer builds 15 consoles in one, all playable with single gamepad

Credit: Bacteria

After three years and over 3,500 man-hours, modder extraordinaire Bacteria has finally completed "Project Unity," a "Swiss army knife of retro gaming pleasure" that jams 15 classic game consoles into one box. It's kind of like Ben Heck's "Ultimate Combo System," but beastlier.

Valued at about $1,075, Bacteria says Project Unity contains "one master controller," which is just, wow. It also has "one SCART output, one power supply, one custom made switch unit" — another equally impressive engineering feat.

And while there are 15 consoles stuffed inside this wooden chassis, it can actually play games from 18 systems, because the Gamecube can play emulated GameBoy Advance games, the PS2 can play PS1 games and the Atari 7800 can play Atari 2600 games.

Project Unity contains the following game consoles:

  1. Armstrad GX1000
  2. Atari 7800
  3. Colecovision
  4. Intellivision
  5. NEC TurboGrafx X
  6. NeoGeo MVS
  7. Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  8. Nintendo Gamecube
  9. Nintendo 64
  10. Sega Dreamcast
  11. Sega MegaDrive (Genesis)
  12. Sega Master System
  13. Sega Saturn
  14. Sony PlayStation 2
  15. Super Nintendo (SNES)

Bacteria's uploaded a lengthy video detailing how he made it. If you have time this weekend, it's worth a watch. And no, Bacteria's not selling it.

Made By Bacteria, via Technabob

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