Mini loft adds modern vibe to traditional living space

Credit: Dethier Architectures

Dethier Architectures, a design firm based in Liège, Belgium, has created a new take on single-family homes with the Kempart loft. This unique design is essentially an aluminum pod enclosure. It seems a bit snug to me, but hey, if you're into that whole efficient/minimalist thing, this could be for you.

The Kempart loft is kind of reminiscent of an Airstream trailer; you know, those classic aluminum-bodied RVs — actually the oldest recreational vehicle company in existence. So while this loft-pod is inspired by retro design, it has all sorts of high-tech fanciness to impress lovers of contemporary style.

It can fit inside your current home as a modular unit and it's equipped with two bathrooms, storage space, and heating and air ventilation setups. Click through to gallery to see the Kempart in detail. Would you want to live here?

Via Design Boom

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