High-end audio company uses 3D printer to make a better tonearm

Credit: VPI Industries

Over the last couple of years we've heard a lot of talk about how 3D printers will make all kinds of products quickly and easily in the future, but so far most of the 3D printed stuff we've seen has been either cheap tchotchkes, or things that don't really work particularly well. Now, a New Jersey manufacturer of high-end turntables has chosen 3D printing because they claim it results in a product that's actually superior to one made using traditional manufacturing.

VPI Industries used the 3D printer to make the tonearm for their new flagship turntable, which will launch this weekend at the New York Audio Show. Most exotic tonearms use metals like steel, magnesium and titanium to get the optimum combination of stiffness and low weight, but VPI claims its 3D printed design gets even better results. The main catch is that unlike those little widgets that a typical 3D printer can pop out in a few minutes, each tonearm takes over 24 hours to print, which goes some way to explain the expected $20,000 asking price for the turntable and tonearm combination.

So, will it be worth all of the effort and expense? Hopefully we'll know pretty soon.

Via Digital Trends

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