Concept re-imagines the camera as a Bluetooth-enabled donut

If you had to design a new kind of camera to be used in a science fiction film depicting an alternate reality, what would you change? Do current cameras — low-grade and DSLR — represent the best design options available? These are the kinds of questions one designer faced as he tried to re-imagine the common camera for BBC Future’s Imagineering series.

The final product that he came up with is not only a compelling change, but a real look at some design ideas that haven't been tried before. The Conran Camera is a camera that is designed around a circular viewfinder, essentially making snapping the perfect shot a bit more organic in relation to how you hold the camera.

Jared Mankelow, of U.K.-based Conran and Partners, says the camera's lack of a display is meant, in part, to bring back the magic of not seeing the final product of one's work until later, a hurdle that presumably forced photographers of the past to work harder to capture the perfect shot. However, if you want to view the camera's photos instantly, you can connect it via Bluetooth to your smartphone and check out the images on that screen.

Since the device is just a concept, at this point, there are no plans to offer it as a product for sale to the public. But you can check out Mankelow explaining the development of the Conran Camera in the video.


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