Nike rolls out holographic sneakers on the streets of Europe

Aside from designing some of the most innovative shoes in sports and fitness, Nike also has a reputation for introducing cutting-edge advertising approaches that often catch on with other mainstream brands. That's why the company's latest advertisement, spotted in Amsterdam, is an exciting look at what may be the future of holographic promotions.

Serving as a marketing push for the company's new Nike Free 5.0 running shoes, the hologram is facilitated by Holocube, a European company that specializes in holographic displays. Shown rotating in virtual space, the shoe twists and rolls with realistic effect as pedestrians walk by. The hologram's motion can be seen from all sides thanks to the transparent cube display.

And while the 3D image inside the box is translucent, thus somewhat diminishing the object's realism, the display is nevertheless a tantalizing look at what ad agencies might do with this technology on a larger scale with human figures and more elaborate designs.

You can check out the holographic Nike street advertisement in the video below.


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