Milan Design Week features mini solar panel explosion

At Milan Design Week 2013, designers from all over the world showcase everything from modern furnishings to innovative concepts that strive to improve the way we live. One such concept, called "Energetic Energies," was created by Japanese architect Akihisa Hirata for Panasonic to help inspire folks to brainstorm about solar energy. An organic explosion of small solar panels covers the installation, mixing renewable energy with a plant-like aesthetic.

Hirata explains his concept:

The expression 'energetic energies' may seem strange but I think it perfectly sums up the concept of a vibrant metropolis of the future in which city and nature interact dynamically. It symbolizes the interrelationship of all living things.

I'm not sure how much this will inspire creative thinking about photovoltaics, especially since the solar panels don't appear to be actually wired up to anything, but it sure looks cool.

YouTube, via Design Boom

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