iPourIt puts your local bar's taps in the palm of your hand

Credit: iPourIt

No seriously, you get to pour your own beer. iPourIt, despite its silly iOS-inspired name is a brilliant system that allows you to walk up to the tap and pour yourself a drink, without the need to wait for the bartender.

The system works by recognizing an RFID tag embedded in a bracelet, which you pick up upon opening your tab. Want a snakebite or a half and half? If you can pour it, iPourIt knows what to charge you. That's because the sensors in iPourIt taps can measure the beer poured, down to 1/100th of an ounce. You pay for what you pour, and not one ounce more.

If you end up going on a bit of a bender, iPourIt has an answer for your drunk keister, too: hourly or nightly limits can be set by the bar prior to opening. If a customer hits those limits, the taps cut them off. Maybe just for the hour, maybe for the night. Either way, interacting with a bar employee can reinstate your drinking privileges, as long as you're sober enough to articulate your reasons for needing more beer.

iPourIt definitely has its drawbacks, but most of those are on the waiter/bartender side of the equation. In the iPourIt video, iPourIt Inc. suggests reducing staff size and also mentions customers interacting with a "host" rather than a bartender or waiter. So staff at iPourIt-enabled bars can pretty much either start looking for a new job or relinquish the lion's share of their tips. After all, who tips a "host?"

iPourIt via Gizmodo

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