This add-on turns your iPhone into a biometric identity scanner

The days of using a plastic card to prove your identity are numbered, as advances in security technology are making it increasingly easy to identify a person using only biometric information. Now, a new smartphone accessory promises to put the power of biometric security in the hands of anyone with an iPhone.

The AOptix Stratus allows you to analyze a person's iris, face, fingerprint, or voice to determine their identity. Combined with the company's iPhone app, the device allows you to create a biometric database of the people you scan using the iPhone's camera, microphone, or a special fingerprint panel on its surface.

Available for models of the iPhone from the iPhone 4 and up, the device is being marketed as a solution for border management, national and civil I.D. programs, disaster relief and healthcare. At present, the company is offering the app for $199, with the hardware component priced separately according to client.

Interestingly enough, Apple is rumored to be working on some kind of biometric scanner technology for future iPhones.

You can see the Stratus in action in the video below.

Via AOptix

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