Wild packs of robot 'Grizzlies' coming to a mountain near you

Credit: Clearpath Robotics Inc.

Until recently, getting a jeep to climb over boulders and plow through snow drifts was an accomplishment. That's not so much the case any longer. Not since the "Grizzly" showed up, at least. Designed by Clearpath Robotics, the Grizzly is a Robotic Utility Vehicle (RUV) that can off-road with the best of them.

The Grizzly is run by an electric engine capable of sustaining a charge for a full 12 hours. The RUV also comes packed with an array of sensors and can carry a payload of up to 1,320 lbs. But where Grizzly really shows its chops is off-roading. Grizzly can clear a six-inch obstacle without even one tire coming off the ground. This is thanks to a front axle articulation of 16 degrees. If that's not enough, it also has an eight-inch clearance, thanks in part to some burly 26-inch tires.

Clearpath Robotics has already built a number of Grizzlies, as you can see below. This little pack of wilderness RUVs is busy putting itself through its paces. The team over at Clearpath have suggested all sorts of uses for their RUVs, from military use to mining and agricultural applications.

Yeah. And world conquest. DVICE is going to have to find a new shelter from the robopocalypse, now that these bad boys can reach our mountain retreat.

Clearpath Robotics, via Damn Geeky

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