This tiny attachment turns iOS devices into drone controllers

Credit: Fighting Walrus

Non-military drones are rapidly exiting the phase of workshop projects for hardcore geeks and entering the mainstream world of commercial solutions for law enforcement, filmmakers, and even casual users just looking to shoot more exciting video footage. Now, a new device promises to make this transition even more seamless by erasing the lines between pro and novice user by putting drone control on a device you're probably already familiar with. 

The Fighting Walrus Radio is a device that attaches to your iPad or iPhone and allows you to control and monitor your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Housed in an aluminum casing, the device allows you to monitor the UAV's systems, log its flight data, extend the normal range of remote control by up to a mile and, of course, use the touchscreen to control the device's flight path. The developers have also made the iOS software open source to encourage others to create new functions around the device. 

Shipping sometime in September, the device sells for $99, but that is all apparently dependent upon the success or failure of the company's IndieGogo campaign, which is scheduled to end in around two weeks. You can check out how the Fighting Walrus Radio works in the video below. 

Via IndieGogo

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