Google mobile ATM is one prank you probably want to be real

Despite all the serious number crunching and data research the company devotes its considerable resources to, Google is still known for having a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to jokes involving technology. That's why today, April Fool's Day, serves as the perfect stage for Google's latest (fake) product that we absolutely would like to see become a reality: The Google Wallet Mobile ATM.

The imagined device would attach to your smartphone, in much the same way as a Square card reader might. When you enter your PIN code, the tiny device would dispense cold hard cash right on the spot; no need to go searching for an ATM. The Google Wallet Mobile ATM would essentially make you one giant, mobile bank vault.

Posting on Google's official Commerce blog, one "staffer" wrote, "Unlike traditional ATM's, the Google Wallet Mobile ATM even dispenses rare two and fifty dollar bills, as well as more practical one dollar bills. Perfect when confronted by a surprisingly talented 'Hippy Mime Banjo Player' on a street corner." And, in case your Google Wallet Mobile ATM ever runs out of paper bills, the imagined service would have a self-driving, armored, hybrid vehicle immediately alerted, and sent to your location to top off your tiny, magical ATM device.

Of course there will inevitably be at least a couple of people out there who believe this product is somehow real, no matter how outlandish the details seem. But as humorous as it looks, it actually speaks directly to a magical device we've all secretly wanted at certain times when cash is necessary and a real ATM is simply nowhere to be found. Alas, by the time the nanomachines are ready to make this thing a reality, paper cash will likely be a distant memory…but we can still dream.

Via Google

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