Farmer learns that rock used as ham press is actually an asteroid

Credit: Monaster, Thomas

Back in 1980, Spanish farmer Faustino Asensio Lopez was out tending his fields near Ciudad Real, when he came across what he thought would be a nifty weight to use in his family's pork curing process. He figured the 220-pound hunk of iron was just a leftover from the 1930s Spanish Civil War; parts of which had been fought in the area. Then in 2011 he saw a TV program about meteor showers in Spain, and wondered if his ham press might have actually come from space.

Now after extensive analysis by geologists, it has been determined that Lopez's ham press is actually a pre-historic metallic meteorite, with a value somewhere north of $5 million.

This is the fourth similar meteorite found in Spain, but the first new discovery in over 60 years. It's believed that the meteorite must have been buried deep under the earth to avoid detection for so long, and that Lopez's farming work rooted it out.

No word on what the Lopez family plans to do with their discovery, although it sounds like they'll have no trouble finding the bucks for a new ham press if they decide to sell.

Via NY Daily News

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