DIY 3D motion sensor kit to give Leap Motion a run for its money

Credit: DUO

Gaining traction on Kickstarter today is the DUO DIY 3D sensor kit: a simple, fun way to go hands-on with a hands-free controller. The DUO functions similarly to the upcoming Leap motion controller. And with the Leap having recently been used by NASA, getting your hands on the tech behind these 3D sensors has never been more appealing.

What sets DUO apart from Leap is that this kit is a DIY kit that aims to teach as much as offer functionality. Code Laboratories, the team behind DUO, wants to make their kit easy to integrate into other projects DIY-ers might be working on. Code Laboratories offer up just a few of the potential applications of their kit: computer interface, robotic vision, gaming, art and 3D mapping. That's a lot of fun for a single DIY kit.

At present, an assembled DUO looks like it will be pricier than Leap ($140 versus $80). Of course, you can pay $110 for the parts and assembled it yourself, or $70 for the electronic parts if you have two PlayStation Eye cameras handy. Again, it's mostly pricier than the Leap, but maybe this open, creativity-based approach to the technology will lead to even greater applications of 3D sensor technology.

DUO has a way to go before reaching its goal on Kickstarter. For more on the DUO sensor itself as well as the Code Laboratories philosophy, head on over to their project page and check out the video demo and photos in the gallery below.

Via Kickstarter

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