Seattle bar bans Google Glass before it's released

Credit: Image via The Independent

Google Glass hasn’t even been released, but it’s got its fair share of controversy. Comedian Dartanion London made a video about dating with Google Glass. While the video’s fun and games, it does make you consider the privacy issues inherent in a device that could easily record the world around you without necessarily announcing that it’s doing such.

Well, those privacy concerns came to a head at Seattle bar The 5 Point, where the tech, which hasn’t been released yet, has been banned. The 5 Point’s owner Dave Meinert has said the ban is partly a joke/publicity stunt, but mostly he doesn’t think patrons of his self-described dive bar want to be possibly filmed or recorded while they’re in the bar. Not really a stretch: I don’t think I would want to be secretly filmed at a bar or, well, anywhere.

The question, of course, is will banning Google Glass become a trend. It’s hard to say, but the privacy concerns are pretty big ones. It wouldn’t be shocking to see these banned all over the place, from concerts to bars to movie theaters.

But I’m sure we’ll learn more when the things are actually released.


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