Man creates his own solar-powered death ray

Credit: Image via National Geographic

If you want to watch a man melt coins, ignite gasoline, cook an egg, boil water and burn hotdogs, then just go ahead and skip the words here and check out the video below.

If you’re curious why this man is doing these things, read on. It’s because Grant Thompson had a 13-year old Toshiba 50-inch flat screen TV and nothing to do with it. Well, nothing but turn it into a solar-powered death ray, that is.

Thompson took the TV and cracked it open and tore through layer after layer until he reached the plastic sheet that he calls a “giant virgin Fresnel lens.” By hoisting them on a wooden frame, he managed to make it focus the sun’s ray’s in a miniscule point (like a magnifying glass).

That spot reaches 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows him to do everything listed in the first paragraph. But writing about this doesn’t truly capture the fun of having a solar-powered death ray in your backyard. So check out the video below.


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