Apple might allow the sales of second-hand iTunes

Credit: Image via USPTO

Fairly high on the list of things I’ve never considered doing is selling my digital wares. I embarrassingly don’t understand how people can sell MMORPG characters online, so it sure has never occurred to me to sell a digital song out of my iTunes.

Yet, Apple went ahead and patented a system for the buying and selling of movies, music, books and software. Well, the digital versions of these things.

Last month, Amazon did nearly the same thing by patenting an “electronic marketplace,” which is also for the buying and selling of digital data.

This, as so many things digital, is creating some waves with (you guessed it) the music industry. ReDigi, a company that facilities the buying ad selling of digital music is being sued by the music industry for copyright infringement. ReDigi’s argument? That it doesn’t make a copy of the file in question, but instead sends it over.

Since digital files don’t experience the same wear and tear as physical media (such as CDs), the question is an obvious one: who would buy “new” digital media in this situation?

If Apple and Amazon make good on their patents likely revolves somewhat around the ReDigi case. So get your old Godzilla soundtracks ready to flood these sites, just like the golden days of used CD shops.

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