Smart cycling helmet is a head-mounted heart rate monitor

Lately, as the wearable tech boom continues to pick up pace, it seems like a new kind of heart rate monitor hits the market nearly every month. But a new entry into the category, designed for cyclists, does away with unwieldy straps and bands and embeds the technology right into your helmet.

The LifeBEAM SMART helmet features an integrated heart rate sensor, an accelerometer, Bluetooth connectivity, and a rechargeable battery that delivers 15 hours of power. After the helmet collects the rider's heart rate and travel data, the wearer can then wirelessly transmit that data to their smartwatch or smartphone or connect to a desktop computer via USB. 

Future versions of the helmet will include crash detection alerts, a bicycle locator, GPS, and even a heads up display. At this point the helmet is still in its prototype phase, selling for $149 as the company seeks funding on Indiegogo, but you can take a look at the helmet in action in the video below. 

Via Indiegogo

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