Biometric USB key keeps your passwords secure and portable

There's no longer any doubt that our online identities and accounts are now essentially as important and personally vital as any other part of our personal possessions in the offline world. But despite this shift towards placing value in our cloud-based data, our approach toward password management remains mired in the digital stone age. Now a new startup offers what might be the perfect solution to our archaic approach to passwords.

The myIDkey is a USB device that holds all your passwords and can only be unlocked with your unique fingerprint. After the device is unlocked, it can be operated via voice, allowing the user to search for specific passwords, bank account numbers, or phone numbers using vocal commands. Once the device is done parsing the data, the results are displayed on a tiny, bright OLED display.

When plugged into your desktop computer or connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device the myIDkey can be programmed to automatically fill in login forms for your most important websites. The device also generates new passwords, and can be used to lock specific items on your mobile device, such as specific photos or documents. As if that weren't enough security, the initial fingerprint login can also be programmed to only work in conjunction with a particular sequence of finger taps.

An early version of the device is currently only available via Kickstarter for $99, shipping in September, but in the meantime you can get a closer look at how the myIDkey works in the video below. 

Via Kickstarter

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