Video of the Day: Learn the science behind skipping stones

Researchers at the Brigham Young University "Splash Lab" have a fun task: they're studying the fluid dynamics of skipping stones. Professor Tadd Truscott created a video to demonstrate the best way to do it, and here he is describing a couple techniques for maximizing your stone skippage. 

In a conventional side-arm-launched skip, the rock's impact creates a cavity, whose edge the rock rides. This pitches the rock upward, creating a lifting force that launches the rock back up for another skip. Alternatively, you can launch a rock overhand with a strong backspin. The rock will go under the surface, but if there's enough spin on it, there will be sufficient circulation to create lift that brings the rock back up.

The world record for number of skips currently stands at 51, so get out there and break it already.

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YouTube, via io9

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