Tailly: A robotic tail that reacts to your heart rate

Credit: Tailly

It's common for animals to wag their tails uncontrollably when they get excited, so wouldn't it be great if humans could, too? Oh, wait, we don't have tails. Enter the Tailly: a robotic tail extension created by Shota Ishiwatari (the same guy who helped develop the Necomimi cat ears).

The Tailly knows when a person is excited by measuring their heart rate using sensors padded along the inside of its belt. Tailly wags when a person's heart rate increases and sags when their heart rate drops.

Ishiwatari says on the Tailly's Indiegogo page that customers who liked the Necomimi wanted a matching robo-tail. Thus, the Tailly was conceived.

As strange (and wonderful) as the Tailly is, it hasn't been able to get the necessary crowdfunding required to turn it into a commercial product. The Tailly project failed to reach its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter and the Indiegogo campaign looks to be headed in a similar direction. As of this writing, there is 34 hours left and the project only has $15,870 of the $50,000.

Ishiwatari, if you're reading this, maybe pair the Necomimi cat ears and the Tailly together? They make a natural set.

Via Indiegogo

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