New Rolls-Royce looks ahead with GPS to pick the right gear

Automatic transmissions are amazing things, but they can catch on a hill if it suddenly gets much steeper, or on a corner that tightens abruptly. Rolls-Royce thinks it has found the solution, linking the transmission to the car's GPS so it can predict what lies ahead.

The new Wraith luxury coupe is the most powerful Rolls-Royce ever, with 624 horsepower running through the eight speed ZF transmission. With all that power under your right foot, care is needed to ensure that the car always lives up to Rolls-Royce's ultra-luxury image.

So in addition to the GPS link, the transmission senses your driving style and adjusts its shifts to match. If you're just puttering around, it will keep the revs low and give you buttery smooth shifts, while if you step on it the transmission will run out the gears and firm up the shifts. Other cars can do similar tricks, but the Wraith does it all with no need to fiddle around with various complicated settings.

The Wraith will be available towards the end of this year, with a price expected to be a little north of $300,000. Check out the video to learn more about the Satellite Aided Transmission.

Autoblog, via Engadget 

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