Manipulable 3D 'hologram' created with Leap Motion

Credit: Marvel

Now that we know the Leap Motion isn't vaporware (Best Buy stores will start selling them on May 19), we can finally get excited for all the hacks it'll bring. Like this one by Robbie Tilton that uses a Leap Motion to manipulate a 3D image projected onto a plexiglass prism.

The project is part of Tilton's thesis and combines the Pepper's effect (an illusion used in theater and haunted houses that uses a plate of glass and special lighting effects to make objects disappear or appear transparent) and a Leap Motion to create a gesture-controllable "hologram." To be clear, the display is not one of those holographic displays we spotted a few years ago. It's actually just plexiglass with a computer monitor laid flat on a table aimed up at the prism.

Tilton admits that the project is currently in its "most crude state," but as a proof-of-concept, it's still kind of awesome. Just think, when developers really get their hands on the Leap Motion, the hacks are going to finally make the tech in Minority Report and Iron Man a reality.

Robbie Tilton, via Gizmodo

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