Google Glass will make dating super creepy (and awesome)

Google's "If I had Glass" contest may be over, but that doesn't mean people will stop coming up with concepts for what they would do with a pair of Google Glass. From comedian Dartanion London comes the video "How Guys Will Use Google Glass." The video may exaggerate Glass' functions just a bit, but we wouldn't be laughing our heads off if it wasn't all true.

In "How Guys Will Use Google Glass," a guy wearing Google Glass goes on a blind date with a girl who has no idea what it is. Things quickly get creepy as the guy immediately Googles her on the spot, browses her pictures, takes photos of her chest, and pretends he's a fan of Downton Abbey.

From there, the video nails Glass when the girl goes on about European politics and the guy grows bored. Instead of listening to her, he watches a football game and plays Minesweeper. We've all been there.

In summary: dates will be either very creepy or awesome with Google Glass, depending on which side of the glass you're on. Funny as the video is, it also raises the concerns on privacy with Google Glass. With Glass, anything or any person can be documented, and it might not always be clear when it's recording.

We won't spoil the ending, so just watch the short video below. We promise it'll be one of the best, if not the best thing you watch all day.

Via YouTube

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