Dominos Japan gives you an augmented reality pop singer in box

When American restaurant chains move over to Japan, they generally change the menu and add a little local flair in terms of presentation, but they mostly remain low key and consistent with their U.S. counterparts. But in the case of Dominos Japan, the company's CEO, Scott K. Oelkers, has quickly earned a reputation for presenting himself as a bit of a fun character while introducing increasingly interesting, and often tech-oriented promotions.

The latest tech-powered promo from Dominos Japan harnesses the popularity of the country's biggest virtual idol Hatsune Miku via a new iPhone app. The free app allows users to order directly from Miku, view special Miku uniform designs created by the Dominos staff, check your order status in real-time, and even take photos with the virtual idol. Once your pizza is delivered, you can fire up the app, point it at the box, and enjoy a surprisingly well executed augmented reality performance from Miku.

This all might look like just a cute gimmick, but once you really dive deep into the entire presentation, it becomes clear that this is one possible future for any brands with mascots, it's just matter of how long it takes everyone to catch up to what Dominos Japan has done here. You can take a look at Miku virtually dancing her way into the hearts of Japanese pizza lovers in the video below. 

Via Dominos Japan

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