China's Airpocalypse gives rise to mobile air purifier helmets

Although Beijing's recent Airpocalypse pollution event has fallen out of the news, the city continues to face crippling smog that often lasts for up to a week before allowing residents to even see the sun. A number of citizens have begun wearing flimsy facemasks, while some opt to simply stay indoors as much as possible, but new invention could offer a solution for those forced to endure the city's horrendous air quality.

The device is essentially a helmet attached to a portable air filtration system that you carry on your waist. Shown off at the recent East China Fair, the anti-smog helmet is powered by a lithium battery that lasts for eight hours, after which a warning alarm goes off alerting the wearer of his impending exposure to the raw, unfiltered air of Beijing. Air pollution gear was apparently the biggest deal at the fair, and according to reports from Chinese media, the air filtration helmet was extremely popular. We wouldn't be surprised if this helmet-meet-fannypack filter look becomes the standard for Beijing businessmen in coming years, at least until this pollution problem gets solved. 

Via MicGadget

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