Check out this 3D-printed dress with 3,000 movable joints

Credit: Shapeways

Contrary to other reports, this 3D-printed dress is not the first of its kind. (Freedom of Creation made one back in 2006.) However, it is the first one to be designed on an iPad and sport over 13,000 Swarovski crystals.* It's also specifically made for Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, meaning it won't fit your body no matter how hard you try to squeeze into it.

Von Teese's 3D dress was a collaboration between designer Michael Schmidt and architect Francis Bitonti using the Fibonacci sequence. 3D printing service Shapeways then printed out the meshed gown in seventeen pieces and assembled it together.

Not only will 3D-printed clothing provide better fits, but they will also allow for new patterns, according to Shapeways designer Duann Scott:

"Traditionally, all garments are either a weave or a stitch. And with 3-D printing, we can … introduce something completely different. So we can grow designs rather than just using something that’s centuries-old technology. It’s a whole way to move forward in fashion and clothing and textiles.”

So, we've got a 3D-printed shoe and now a complete dress. What's next? Let's get some 3D-printed watches, hats and glasses coming out of those MakerBots!

Shapeways, via DesignBoom and Wired

*Swarovski crystals are made from glass, which is an amorphous solid. -Dep. Ed.

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