3D mouse keeps your hands on the keyboard, fits on your finger

Credit: Mycestro

It's no levitating mouse, but the Mycestro (pronounced "my-stro") 3D finger mouse is still quite innovative, in its own regard. Designed by Nick Mastandrea, the Mycestro is a wireless mouse about the size of a Bluetooth headset that fits on your index finger and can track hand motions in 3D space. By placing a mouse on a person's finger, computer users no longer have to take their hands off their keyboards.

Using the Mycestro is easy: to bring up the a cursor on a screen, simply use your thumb to touch the Mycestro and wave it in the air, otherwise the mouse remains on standby. The Mycestro also has a touch-sensitive strip that acts as left, middle and right click buttons. Scrolling works by swiping your thumb up and down the touch panel.

The Mycestro charges via a built-in Micro USB port and connects to any device over Bluetooth 4.0, which gives it a range of about 30 feet. Battery life is said to be around eight hours on a full charge and two insertable "clips" that bend ensure it'll fit around any finger size.

Mastandrea's 3D mouse has already smashed its $100,000 Kickstarter campaign goal by over $107,000 from over 2,400 backers, and there are still 22 days remaining. The only thing left to do now is get manufacturing started and optimize the Mycestro for more devices. Interested backers can buy a Mycestro for $79 (white) or $99 (cyan, magenta, yellow, or black).

Kickstarter, via Geeky Gadgets

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