Robopaclypse Now: Man arrested after shooting police robot

When we think of possible science fiction-style scenarios of robots oppressing humans it's usually based on the notion of self-aware robots going rogue, as in the Terminator. But a recent incident in Ohio indicates that a very real human-versus-robot war may eventually be sparked by humans.

Several reports confirm that last month a 62-year-old heavily armed man, barricaded in his home as police attempted to gain entrance, shot and damaged a robot sent in by police. According to Rob Junk (the perfect name for a robot defender and the local prosecutor assigned to the case), the man used a small pistol to shoot the robot, after which police entered the home and used a stun gun to subdue him. In addition to charges related to the possession of firearms, the man was also charged with vandalizing government property.

This is likely just the first of many such incidents in which a person suspected of a crime decides to take on the robots sent in by law enforcement to handle the matter as a safety precaution. And while the increasing use of drones to identify and eliminate human targets has already become commonplace, prompting the rise in anti-drone detection methods around the world, the act of citizens actually battling robots in U.S. cities is a new wrinkle in an increasingly complicated landscape in which robots controlled by humans may be the first and last "face" many suspects will ever see. 

Via PopSci

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