Report: Telepresence weddings on the rise

Not too long ago, it seemed like telepresence might be something that wouldn't become common for at least another decade or two, but nowadays tools like Skype and Google Hangouts are being used to conduct everything from court cases to swearing in military staffers. Beyond matters of business and legalities, marriage is starting to become an increasingly common telepresence event, according to a new report.

Citing numbers from a company called Proxy Marriage Now, the New York Times reports that getting married over the Internet is no longer considered solely the domain of geeks attempting to burnish their tech cred via Internet-transmitted wedding vows. However, these tech-assisted weddings are not without a downside, as some have reportedly abused the practice in order to facilitate questionable unions. According to the report, some Internet marriages are being used to skirt visa laws and to force women into sex trafficking, a practice that may serve to taint such ceremonies when the two individuals hail from different countries.

Nevertheless, based on the rapidly evolving laws regarding what constitutes a binding contract via the Internet, it appears that telepresence weddings, despite the lack of romance, are here to stay. 

Via NYTimes

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