'Micro Messenger' uses a speaker to convey texts as sound

Designers Olivier Mével and Marc Chareyron made a speaker reminiscent of a classic 1960s rotary phone. If you send emoticon messages from your phone or tablet, the TeleSound will send the sound equivalent. Pretty cute, huh?

TeleSound is partnered with Emoji to deliver over a thousand different sounds, so the birthday cake icon will play a clip from "Happy Birthday," the lips icon will send a kissing sound — you get the idea. All you have to do is pick a friend, type one or a series of icons and then hit send. The sound will play instantly over your friend's TeleSound. To switch it off for a bit, you just turn it over (speaker side facing down), pretty simple.

If you are interested in this fun little gizmo, you can back one on Kickstarter in orange, yellow, red or blue.

Telesound and Vimeo, via Yanko Design

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