The Taser Sword adds electrocution to injury

Based on all the replica swag and amateur effects videos, it's clear that lightsabers are something many of us want to see become a reality. But until we really have such sci-fi weapons available, there is something that appears to be absolutely the next best thing: the Taser Sword.

A YouTube user named Jonathan recently uploaded the results of his experimental attempts to equip a double-bladed Shock Mod Ninja Sword with Taser-like functionality. The end result isn't very polished in terms of looks, but the sword's practical function appears to be every bit as painful as its name suggests. The sword has a simple on switch to activate the shock function and features a regular wall socket plug on the end of the grip designed to charge the weapon.

Jonathan says that he got the idea from another YouTuber by the name of GreekGadgetGuru. To test out the power of the sword, Jonathan actually allowed a friend to touch him with the sword, a demonstration which serves as a pretty convincing illustration as to why you'd never want to meet someone carrying one of these things.

Surprisingly, when the Taser Sword is met with another blade it actually gives off a crackling sound very reminiscent of the lightsaber clash sound effect many of us are so familiar with. Using two swords against the Taser Sword (a la Darth Maul) sends the current through the body of the assailant, effectively making the tasering even more painful. We don't suggest you try constructing this device or attempting any of these experiments at home, but you can see how the Taser Sword works in the videos below. 

Via Technabob

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