Open source Bartendro robot makes perfect cocktails every time

Credit: Party Robotics

As any bartender will tell you, making a good cocktail with the right proportion of spirits is hard. Wouldn't it be amazing if a robot could mix you the perfect cocktail, regardless of drink size, all the time? The "Bartendro" by Party Robotics might just be the droid you're looking for.

Bartendro is an open source cocktail-mixing robot that's currently doing the rounds on Kickstarter. Drinks are ordered using smartphones and tablets. Pumps capable of dispensing a known volume to within a millimeter then combine the different spirits to create a drink.

First dreamt up five years ago, Party Robotics says the Bartendro removes the guesswork and messiness that often comes up during the cocktail making process:

"We wanted a machine that could pour complex cocktails in any size, including small tasters, that are proportionally accurate. We were also fed up with precision dispensing technology being prohibitively expensive and wanted a more affordable solution that we and others could start using to make fun and interesting things. We wanted to build a community where users could create, rate and share new drinks from around the world."

For geeks, the Bartendro is especially exciting because it's powered by the Raspberry Pi (you know, that $35 computer that's being modified left and right). And because the entire machine is built from open source software and hardware, intrepid tinkerers can build on top of the Bartendro. Bartendro's Kickstarter page already lists some nifty add-on ideas such as a credit card payment reader, an RFID sensor for facial recognition, a breathalyzer, integrated shaker/stirrer, conveyor belts and even a Kinect hack.

The Bartendro is available as a single dispenser, three-pump kit, ShotBot, Bartendro 3, Bartendro 7 or Bartendro 15 ranging from $99 to $2,499. As of this writing, the Bartendro has over $39,000 in funding (goal is $135,000) and it still has 26 days to go before manufacturing can be started.

Oh, and one more thing: there's no need to tip a Bartendro. It's a robot, and sadly robots don't get tips.

Via Kickstarter

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