Long exposure photos capture graceful dancers in action

Credit: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Ballet is an elegant, free-flowing dance form. And although it takes years of rigorous training to become an accomplished ballet dancer, they always make it look so effortless. How do they do it? That I can't answer. But, I have just discovered something new about this very old style of performance dance: If you take long exposure photos of ballet dancers, their graceful quotient goes up even higher.

Photographer Leon Neal snapped these gorgeous shots at London's Emerging Dancer 2013 competition final. And even Degas himself would be impressed by the painting-like quality of these photgraphs. It really is a perfect way to capture the essence of ballet. 

The competition gives one promising graduate from the English National Ballet School the prestigious title of Emerging Dancer 2013. Neal didn't get any photos of the ultimate winner, Nancy Osbaldeston, but the recipient of the People’s Choice Award, Laurretta Summerscales, is pictured in the first two gallery images.

Via National Post

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