This hypnotizing GIF art will have you questioning reality

Credit: dvdp

Whether you like it or not, GIFs have become an integral part of the Internet and pop culture. In fact, the word "GIF" was declared the "Word of the Year 2012" by the Oxford American Dictionaries. But while most GIFs provide a quick chuckle, some artists seek to create art out of them.

When we came across these GIFs by davidope/dvdp, we immediately thought of Paolo Čerić's beautiful animations. Both of their GIFs share similar qualities in that they try to distort reality or create an infinite illusion. They're quite simple, but the mix of geometric and organic renders makes them feel almost alive.

Dvdope runs his Tumblr site Visual Chinatown where he releases new GIFs, and below we've included some of our favorites. To see all of his hypnotizing GIFs, you'll have to visit his website. You may want to be careful if you have any eye sensitivity — some of them are pretty intense.

Visual Chinatown, via swissmiss

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