Tiny house has everything you need for just $250 a month

Yeah, it might look like a long-abandoned shack in the wilderness, but this building is not quite what it seems. Japanese student Netaro built himself this very small, solar-powered house back in 2009 for a mere $1,000. His goal was to see how inexpensively he could live without sacrificing what mattered to him. That means he has a laptop, Internet, satellite TV, transportation and electricity. And he uses them all regularly...for only $250 per month.

Then, he decided to build a second, smaller solar dwelling for just $130. But this one's mobile and Netaro tows it behind his motorcycle at 15 mph. And he travels around Japan in his "moto-home" showing that you can, in fact, live with less and not give up things like reliable Internet access.

Here are the principles that dictate Netaro's alternative lifestyle:

We see around and find every house too gorgeous. Are they all palaces of royal blood? Houses work enough just by protecting ourselves from the weather. We can't extend our lives to 1000 years by possessing a $1,000,000 house.

B-Life is Babyish life; it is executable for everyone through trial and error.
B-Life is Basic life; it is minimum necessary.
B-Life is Beginning life; it starts everything. One's starting point must be made by own.

You get the gist, but Netaro isn't exactly a hippy trying to go off-grid. He pays his taxes and doesn't want to be removed from society at all. He's just a regular student who found an awesome way to hang out and watch satellite TV on the cheap. Maybe it's not that much of an alternative lifestyle after all?

Via Motherboard

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