These Google Glass airport concepts would actually be very useful

The social media-driven contest Google held to allow members of the public to win the chance to be an early purchaser of Glass is now closed, but the brief promotion is still stirring debate about the device, as well as at least one concept device crafted by one of the biggest names in travel. 

Budget airline JetBlue entered itself into Google's "If I had Glass" contest via a series of posts on Twitter and on Google+. On two separate days the company tweeted: "#ifihadglass, we would continue to help the world view air travel through a whole new lens," and then "#ifihadglass we could continue to make inspiring humanity even more of a reality." 

But the company didn't stop at simply offering up generalized ideas of how it might utilize the device, it actually went as far as having a designer craft a few concept images of JetBlue-specific applications for the device. In a Google+ post titled "If JetBlue had Glass" the company posted five images, using the design aesthetic shown in Google's original preview video.

The images show the view of a JetBlue customer using Glass to see the capacity of an airport parking garage, find specially tagged electrical outlets in the airport waiting lounge, get directions for baggage claim, look up flight information, and get instant taxi fare estimates. For an airline company not necessarily known for being on the cutting-edge of technology, the concept images are surprisingly well executed.

Accompanying the post, in response to comments about the concept images, a JetBlue representative wrote:

"We like innovative ideas that inspire innovative thinking. Our ideas are just concepts, but conceptual thinking is a great way approach old problems in new ways... and maybe settle on something that really works and is achievable!"

You can see all of the JetBlue concept images in the gallery below. 

Via Google+

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