Microsoft Envisioning Center video shows next-gen household tech

Over the years, Microsoft has contributed plenty of future tech concept videos, but a new installation unveiled just a couple of days ago offers visitors a chance to sample cutting-edge technology that actually exists today.

Located on Microsoft's Redmond, Washington campus, the new Envisioning Center appears to be the next iteration of the company's Envisioning Lab, which opened years ago. The facility is designed to let the public try a Kinect-enabled kitchen, test out a form of communication through digital walls, and experience the company's interactive desks. 

Jonathan Cluts, Microsoft's Strategic Prototyping team director says: "we want to excite customers about the direction we're heading in and show that we are constantly thinking about new scenarios based on trends and real work in Microsoft Research and the business groups. These scenarios are based on reality, not science fiction."

In conjunction with the launch, Microsoft has crafted a presentation that shows off some of the innovative tech on view at the Envisioning Center, which you can see in the video below. 

Via Microsoft

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