Gallery: What an iPhone 6 with a 4.8-inch screen could look like

Credit: Martin Hajek

Assuming Apple follows its historical product cycle, this year we expect to see an iPhone 5S. The 5S should bring upgraded internals, but retain the same design as the iPhone 5. But, what will Apple's redesigned iPhone 6 look like? Martin Hajek, master 3D renderer, is back with his take on two possible iPhone 6 concepts.

The first idea increases the iPhone 5's 4-inch display to 4.8-inches, but without increasing its overall footprint by stretching its screen edge-to-edge horizontally. The concept design also removes the circular Home button that has been present on every iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and replaces it with a clickable glass trackpad on the bottom — a design element ripped right off the MacBook. The clickable strip would theoretically be capable of recognizing different gestures and swipes.

The second device — dubbed "iPhone X" — is essentially the same concept, but with a smaller display. It would also be smaller than the iPhone 5 due to the removal of all the surrounded bezels.

Both devices also take cues from the fifth-generation iPod touch released last October. They have an all-aluminum unibody design, which ditches the external antenna ring design that was established with the iPhone 4 and revised volume rocker buttons. We do wish Hajek kept the little pop-up ring on the back for the loop.

As we've said before, Apple's design language is predictable because it's evolutionary. And here, Hajek nails it. However, mocking up a render is a far easier challenge than actually fitting components into a product and getting it to work in the real world.


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