Clip-on buttons inspired by modern architecture

We've talked about how the tech world and the style world are beginning to join forces, but we haven't really discussed the relationship between contemporary architecture and fashion very much. It's there, however, and we're seeing it more and more.

Take Studio Swine's recent project, 'Buttons.' This London-based company has developed 7 different clip-on buttons available in 18-carat gold or silver that evoke the style of modernist buildings. These precision cut buttons are etched and individually hand finished and for all of the elements that make this accessory super fashion forward, they're geek friendly, too.

I've seen similar concepts in womenswear, but Studio Swine decided to step in and fill that void in men's fashion: "we felt that men's accessories were quite limited. We wanted to create some that are accessible and make it easy to customize your clothes into a special piece."

Guys, would you wear one (or all) of these buttons to change up your look?

Via Dezeen

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