Television brings odor to the watching experience

Credit: IEEE VR

You know how when you’re watching television, there’s always that nagging awareness in the back of your head that you’re watching television, most likely because you can’t smell what’s on the screen? Yeah, me neither. Still, folks have been trying to engage our senses of smell in the world of televised entertainment since forever.

Back in the day, this was achieved by a scratch-and-sniff card that coincided with parts of the film in question. Deciding scratch-and-sniffs are a little outdated, researchers at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology created a television that takes care of the olfactory component of TV-watching for you.

The TV set comes with a fan mounted on each corner that pushes forward various scents and odors. And because of their placement, it’ll feel like the smells are coming right out of your screen, erasing all suspension-of-disbelief difficulties (until someone eats something, and you realize you can’t taste it).

While I wouldn't expect these to start showing up in homes across suburban America, they're out there.

IEEE VR, via Engadget

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