Don't even try to have an obscene password with AT&T

This is a call to anyone who uses obscenity in his or her AT&T website password to get out some pent-up aggression. Stop! Not because we here at DVICE feel like you’ve placed yourself in a moral quandary of sorts, but because AT&T simply won’t let you any longer.

The company has banned “obscene language” from its user passwords. At this point, there’s not really much telling what constitutes “obscene language.” That, in and of itself, seems like a solid question for this policy. But what is more questionable is why this policy exists in the first place.

In a perfect world, no one would ever see your AT&T password. In fact, the only people who might be seeing them (aside from anyone you share them with) are hackers.

Who knows? Maybe it’s best to protect the virgin eyes of our young hackers. All that is for sure is you’d better keep a close eye on that password. You wouldn’t want to battle AT&T over the word #@!*, now would you?

Via Cellular News

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