App turns your sleep patterns into a personalized works of art

Credit: ACCOR

A few months back we saw how the French Ibis hotel chain gave its guests a chance to enter a contest where winners would sleep in a special sensor equipped bed. During the night a robot artist would translate the sleeper's movements into brushstrokes on a canvas, creating a unique work of art that represented their sleep patterns.

Now, Ibis has taken that experience and turned it into a free iPhone app that anyone can download. To use the Sleep Art App, you simply lay your iPhone on the mattress next to you before you drift off into the land of nod. During the night, the phone's built-in motion sensor will monitor your movements much like the special sensor bed used for the robotic version, and the microphone will pick up your breathing along with any snoring. The difference is that instead of a painted canvas that you can hang on your wall, you simply get a digital image you can share on your social networks.

Personally, I'm a pretty restless sleeper so I'd probably end up knocking the phone off the bed, but it should be fun to compare the image you get from a night of deep sleep to one where you're tossing and turning.

No word on what happens if you use the app during other popular bedroom activities that don't happen to involve actual sleep.Check out the video to see what kind of images you can expect.

Ibis Sleep Art app (iTunes Store), via iPhone App Review

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