Scientists create robot jellyfish of your nightmares

If there’s one thing I’ve been saying for years, it’s that we need more jellyfish-inspired objects in this world. We have jellyfish submarines, jellyfish hydrogen-powered robots and jellyfish tanks. But, we're seriously lacking in the an energy-storing, robotic naval jellyfish.

Luckily, we’re finally beyond those dark days as there now exists a multi-university project that’s hard at work creating the aptly named Robo-Jelly. This thing, which is more than five feet wide, will store its own energy for several months at a time, roaming the ocean doing whatever it's designed to do. Possibilities include military surveillance, oil spill cleanup, and monitoring of all sorts.

It’s still a few years away from being ready for a trip in the world’s oceans, but it’s been doing just great during testing in a swimming pool. I do have a bone to pick with these researchers though: the thing’s controlled by eight mechanical arms, which sounds a whole lot more like a horrifying water spider than it does a jellyfish to this lowly writer. Can we get an ichthyologist up in here?

Via Sky News

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